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techTV features FotoAlbum in its show Call For Help.

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FotoAlbum on techTV

FotoAlbum Featured on "Call for Help"

On the October 11th airing of "Call For Help", FotoAlbum was featured as the free file of the day. Brett Larson describes FotoAlbum:

Taking cues from Apple's iPhoto, FotoAlbum is the ultimate digital photo organizer for the PC. As I demonstrate on today's show, it not only allows you visual access to your photos, but you can make CDs, share prints online, and manipulate your favorite pictures.

There is support for digital cameras and scanners, so you can import your pictures directly into FotoAlbum without extra steps.

You can use FotoAlbum to create photo CDs using your own CD-burning software. FotoAlbum simply creates a CD image of your selected photos or albums.

The program is easy to use. You'll be enjoying your digital prints in no time.

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